About Us

Greetings from CEO


We are committed to helping solve the energy and water problems currently facing all of mankind by realizing the magnesium recycling society that we advocate.


  • Fresh Water and Clean Energy for All.
  • To bring a better quality of life and environment by achieving net-zero greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.


  • To be a leading reference in the renewable energy solutions sector and to promote it as a popular source for micro-generation of clean and sustainable energy.

  • We always aim to provide the highest quality products and solutions at lower costs, while also creating a positive public perception by making contributions to our environment.

Our Values


The staff members are all constantly motivated by one another and enthusiastic about their work.


Employees are encouraged to explore the full potential of their skill sets and grow through their job experience.


A strong emphasis on employee happiness and work-life balance.

Our Expert Team

Eng Chin Heng
  • top leader in the company
  • in charge of day-to-day operation and management
Matsushima Yoshitaka
  • “Commander” in the marketing department
  • Responsible for all marketing issues related to the business
Khor Yuh Shi
Khor Yuh Shi
  • Supervising all the internal operations
  • Report all important aspects to the CEO
Takashi Yabe
  • in charge of an organization’s technological needs as well as its research and development (R&D)
Khor Jin Cheang
  • a corporate title for a professional within an organization who oversees its knowledge management
Masahiko Okada
  • The main role of the CBO is to ensure the entire company is adhering to the purpose of the brand—the “why” behind the company. A good CBO will anchor all innovation to this common purpose, ensuring consistency and customer loyalty.