Magnesium Battery

Magnesium Fuel Cells

A Completely New Magnesium Battery
  • Compact and lightweight (e.g., only 24kg at 36kWh) High output (kW or higher is also possible)
  • Replaceable fuel (not disposable)
  • Fuel recycle

This makes it ideal for fuel cells in electric vehicles.

MegaBaY usage example A drone of 130W was tested.

Why is MegaBaY so compact?

MegaBay looks normal at first glance, and incredible technology is used. There are multiple batteries in the salt water that are connected in series. Usually, when this happens, a short circuit could occur and the batteries might not work as they should. A special structure has been patented.

Problems with conventional magnesium batteries

Now, let’s explain step by step what kinds of problems there have been with magnesium-air batteries so far and how they could be solved.

When magnesium reacts, the reaction product shown on the left adheres to the surface. Since it is close to an insulator, it increases resistance and at the same time prevents the magnesium inside from reacting.


As shown in the figure on the left below, if thick magnesium is used, it can be used for a long time, but an insulator forms on the surface, the reaction does not continue, and the output gradually decreases.

One solution was to mix chemicals with the electrolyte to dissolve the insulation on the surface.

However, to do this, we have to increase the amount of electrolyte. Since the resistance of the electrolyte is not zero, the distance between the electrodes naturally increases, the resistance increases, and the output decreases. In addition, the dissolution of the insulator in the electrolyte increases the resistance of the electrolyte, which is not a solution.

Prof. Yabe has found a way to completely overturn this common sense. As shown in the figure on the right below, we decided to use magnesium as thin as possible to suppress the precipitation of reactants as much as possible, and then replace the fuel when it is time for the entire fuel to react.

In this way, it is possible to maintain a high output at all times. This by-product is large and uses very little electrolytic mass, along with smaller distances between electrodes, lower resistance, and higher output.

How to insert fuel many times

Obtained numerous patents, including manual and automatic.

Various Refuelling Batteries

Refueling Battery is Essential

Yabe battery is a fuel cell. Battery performance is generally compared in Wh/g. The denominator is the weight of the entire battery. In the case of a fuel cell, if the amount of fuel is overwhelmingly large, the weight of the battery body can be ignored, and as a result, the performance Wh/g is such that one fuel is generated without considering the body. It turns out that it is impossible to demonstrate the performance of magnesium batteries without Yabe batteries.

Refueling Magnesium Cells Is Essential

Battery Performance 

Power Generation(Wh)
Battery Weight (g)

Refueling Battery 

Power Generation of 1 Fuel x No. of Fuel (Wh)
Main Body (g) + Weight of 1 Fuel x No. of Fuel (g)

(A) << (B)

    Power Generation of 1 Fuel (Wh)
    Weight of 1 Fuel x (g)